Monday, 14 February 2011

Envolope follower in C++

upon researching for envelope following algorithms i found this page wich has a few similar but slightly different concepts:

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Final Hurdles!

The final stages f the project are as follows:

Write my software plugin.

Finish my hardware.

All the principle of good triggering are in place, but the major hurdles lie in putting the principles into my new learnt juce knowledge (which is the language i am write the plugin in).

On the hardware side of things the interface is prototyped and one channel (which is all i have implemeted at the moment) is working no problem. Now the majour hurdle is making a USB controller out of an arduino (using potentiometers) and a midi to usb  converter so it is plug-and-play MIDI signal.

The following website is a project that used a usb midi converter to send a midi signal from the arduino to the computer.

The following link is from the arduino website, which gives example of arduino code to take potentiometer input.

I am planning make a midi rotary controllers to control some perimeters of the plugin. I will do this by using potentiometers as an input(into arduino) and using this input to create a midi message, which will go into the midi to usb converter, which will be connected to the computer.

thats the plan anyway!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Unbalanced to Balanced Research - This website explain how to create a DI box, and some of the principle of converting an unbalanced signal to a balanced one. However I need to convert a balanced signal to an unbalanced input (unfortunatly). - Notes about ground loops and audio conections - more about balanced wiring. - possible solution

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

PRE-AMP Research

When i first realise i would need a preamp to get the microphone signal to line level for my interface (Behringer UCA202),  I initially thought i would use a LM358. However upon more research i found that although this would be adequate a more appropriate intergrated circuit would be the NE 5532, which is a high performance low noise operational amplifier.

Low noise integrated circuit:

Old Circuit Design -
New Circuit design with NE5532 8 pin DIL IC -

Consideration to the potential of need two preamps with phantom power to support condenser microphones:

-power supply-


This is my blog for my final year project at the university of the west of england, and its main purpose is to aid in my research for the project.

My aim for my project is to build a drum trigger hardware module accomp
anied with software that is completely usable in a studio situation.
The target user of my project would be for someone who wants to record a usable drum track but does not have the acoustic environment in which to record to an acceptable standard (e.g. a home studio situation).